The ideal person for this job

— Preferred Timezone: (GMT+01:00) ± 2 hours

— 5y experience in backend development

— 3-5y backend experience with Node.js, TypeScript or JavaScript

— Broad experience with AWS
— Good understanding of algorithm complexity, data structures, concurrency & systems performance

— Open-mindedness & interest in various programming languages, frameworks, continuous integration & tests
— Understanding of asynchronous programming, statically typed languages & micro-service architecture
— Excellent English communication skill, both verbal and written, German is not a must have.

Your responsibilities at SUBS

— Creating and developing new backend functionality across variety of AWS services

— Planned move from monolith to micro-services at reasonable pace and functionality

— Extending and improving the continuous integration of our SUBS services
— Constantly learning new technologies, evaluating their usefulness and applying them

— Assuring quality through documenting & writing automated tests for your work

So far so good? Now a few questions about you!

Join the SUBS Team as Backend Developer

Nice to meet you, thanks for taking the time to apply. We are ready to offer you a place in our compact team of experience developers and entrepreneurs, with super flat hierarchy & huge possibilities for personal growth.
Here's what the job involves:

Moving Fast

We move fast, and release updates to our backend services continuously, with releases to our core web app and iOS/Android apps on a fortnightly basis. Testing is key to this, you should be confident that your code works, pushing a new build to production shouldn't be something that you're afraid of.

Engineering not Coding

Engineering is important. If you can write clean, tested, and maintainable code, you'll fit right in. We put a high value on personal development, you should feel comfortable with learning new things, and sharing knowledge with your peers.

All sound good to you?