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Let's be honest.

Nobody goes online

to watch ads.

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No ads

No algorithms

No data misuse


Sub you favourite creators & discover chronologically equals equal opportunities


Be part of

a verified community

We integrated a scalable verification, so anyone can get verified if they want to

Contribute and earn your own fair share

Our vision is a community governed DAO social network, ruled via SBS token

Coming in 2022
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Fair to members

Fair to creators

Fair to earth

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BETA Launch July 2021

A new way for artists & creators to monetize their digital artwork as „Originals“ NFTs.

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Chuck Norris in Forrest Warrior

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Our verified community is using Subs CO2-neutral via our „One Badge One Tree“ campaign.

We believe a social media company must be social at its core, starting at its biz model. 

Join our community now

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Coming in 2022

A community governed DAO social network.

Get verified and start gathering SBS now.

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