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Community Guidelines

With SUBS we want to offer creative people a platform to express and develop themselves freely, as well as to earn a living with their passion in the long run. We have created these Community Guidelines to support this mission and ensure that every Subster can experience our services safely and carefree at all times. 


Short Version


We believe in the inestimable value of artistic freedom and our responsibility to protect youth. We see it as our task to create the framework in which a healthy community can develop. That is why we have established certain rules and ask you to respect them and to abide by them at all times:


  • Only share content whose rights you personally own.

  • Only share content that is depicting others with their permission.

  • Content that is not suitable for minors must always be marked as NSFW.

  • Get verified to publish & view NSFW content.

  • Pornography, violence & spam are not allowed.

  • Comply with the applicable laws.

  • Be tolerant and respectful of other Substers in the SUBS community.

Long Version


The community is the heart of our platform. We have written these community guidelines so that you can participate in shaping our community and its protection. We see this task as a work in progress, and these guidelines will change with our experiences. By using SUBS, you agree to these guidelines and our terms and conditions. In order to ensure a harmonious experience on SUBS, it is important that everyone respects these guidelines and follows them at all times. If you do not follow these guidelines, content may be removed, your account blocked, or other action taken. Therefore, please note the following:

Share only photos & videos that belong to you

You are solely responsible for the content you publish on SUBS. People like authenticity, so make sure you only share contributions you have made yourself or whose rights you can prove you own. Also you should pay attention to the rights & wishes of your fellow human beings, so don't share photos or videos of people without their consent. We also respect intellectual property, and therefore ask you to use only excerpts of content and music for which you have the rights (if applicable). 

Please note this for sensual content

Everyone has their own definition of what the boundary is between sensitive content, especially in nudes & pornography, based on their upbringing, experience or environment. At SUBS, we want to provide a safe space for artistic expression while protecting youth and generally not showing anyone anything they don't want to see. For this purpose we have developed the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) filter. Contributions marked as NSFW are strictly hidden from minors. Adult users can view NSFW content once they have verified themselves and turned off the NSFW filter in their settings. Both publishing and viewing NSFW content requires a verified account. 

What does not need to be marked as NSFW

  • Visual arts (e.g. paintings, statues etc.)

  • Naked skin in which neither the female breast, any sexual part or focus on the buttocks can be seen, and without a sexual context such as a breastfeeding mother, people swimwear or underwear.

  • Non-sexually explicit content recorded in a public space 

What needs to be marked as NSFW

  • artistic nude photographs, as well as semi nude photography and other covered nude art

  • Close-up with focus on buttocks or the female breast, with lingerie or nude

  • strongly sexual gestures, which are supposed to excite

  • the naked female breast (whether with censored or freely visible nipple)

  • any full act

  • any suggestion of sexual expression in any form

  • all the above points also apply to cartoons, hentai or anime depicting humans or animals with human characteristics

  → Rule of thumb: what is supposed to excite sexually and/or is not appropriate for minors is be marked as NSFW.  

What we don't want to see on SUBS

  • It is not allowed to have violent or adult pictures as profile pictures, because they are open to all users at all times.

  • Amateur nude photographs due to mere sexual arousal, without artistic expression are not desired. According to Günter Rinnhof's quote: "A nude photo is good when the model shows it around the coffee table at her grandmother's birthday and the people present think it's good".

  • Please refrain from content with aroused genitals, female or male, pornography, sexual intercourse, fetish or other sexual activities such as masturbation, moaning (audio/video) or similar.

  • Please also refrain from amateur nude photography portrayal including genitalia, buttocks or the female breast for pure self-portrayal and/or sexual exhibitionism, as we define these as pornographic.

  • Images of semen, vaginal secretion/outflow, urine, faeces or other human excreta are prohibited.

  • Any depiction of minors in a sexual context is strictly prohibited.

  • Refrain from any form of hatred, harassment or blackmail.

  • Content with excessive blood, death or violence, whether against others, against animals or against oneself, as well as content glorifying violence are not permitted.

  • Refrain from any content that is aimed at a person / group because of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, political opinion, gender or similar reasons.

  • Bitterly refrain from making factual claims against individuals or groups for the above-mentioned discriminatory or deforming reasons without evidence and references.

  → In short: No porn. No violence. No racism. No fake news. Be nice & make art.  

Respect the law

We do not tolerate any illegal activities on SUBS such as

  • Terrorism, Crime

  • illegal trafficking or sexual exchange

  • Piracy or robbery of intellectual property

Be part of the community

We want SUBS to be a community of real people, without fake accounts or bots. That's why we have found a way to enable everyone to verify their own identity. Here you can learn more about it.

  • Be nice and considerate, speak to others as you would like to be addressed.

  • Do not spam, also don't send harassing messages nor dubious offers.

  • If someone blocks you, please respect his/her decision.

  • Promote meaningful and real interactions, e.g. by verifying yourself and leaving only authentic comments.

  • Don't hoard usernames or pretend to be somebody else other than yourself, whether another person, a brand or a organisation. Fake accounts which manage to get verified will get their verification revoked without refund.

  • Please use the report option to report any suspicious users or posts violating these guidelines. In certain cases, we will not take action with respect to content that is reportable and relates to questions of political, social, or general importance to our community. 

  • When in doubt, let's communicate. We are happy to help in any situation. Write us a line or two at, and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Your SUBS team

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