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A new approach to social media, without the need to surveil it’s users to the limits of their privacy concerns.
Join the movement heading to a better social future.


Beta participants target until deadline August 15th 2019


I can do that, too!

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What is in for you?

· Head start in new social platform

· 10x 50€ amazon gift card

· 1x 1,000€ money prize

Start now and get a head start on the latest social media movement. And best of all, you can win awesome prizes on the way! Show your talent and be one of the best creators to take part on the prize raffle on August 15th 2019.



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How can you participate?

Install Apple TestFlight & the SUBS™ App

SUBS is still on Beta. Therefore, in order to download the iOS version, you first will be asked to install Apple Beta testing provider TestFlight. Make sure to enable notifications there as well to get notified for new & improved SUBS version.

or scan QR code



Publish Content


Now you're ready to go! Customise your own Channel with pictures & description and start uploading 24h stories & permanent posts. Remember to title your posts and provide them with matching topics as well 


Gather Subscribers & Referrals

To gain subscribers, you have to entertain. Be your best self to have the highest chance of winning! The raffle for the main prize will take place among the most successful of all testers. So get started collecting subscribers & referrals


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Why are we doing this?

· New apps must be tested

· Find bugs and fix them

· Get user feedback for features

There's one thing about new software you probably don't know — it's always buggy. That why it's so important to test it extensively. We believe, if you contribute, you should gain. So we made an amazing raffle out of it!

Join the beta and help shape SUBS™ early on

You have to be at least 13 years old. By using the Beta, you are also conforming to have read the conditions for participation at the raffle.

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